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Established by Derek and Sylvia Davis, the Ezy Group embarked on its journey in 2006 with the inception of Ezy Vehicle Rentals in Mackay. Our expansion journey began in response to the increasing demand for quality services, leading to the establishment of Ezy Group branches in Moranbah in 2019 and Emerald in 2022, serving the vibrant community of Central Queensland.

Our fleet at Ezy Vehicle Rentals is designed to address your every need. We offer a variety of rental vehicles for the retail and commercial markets, and specialise in providing vehicles for mining and allied industries ready-to-go.

A strong focus on customer service is a fundamental and essential driver for all staff at Ezy Vehicle Rentals. All our personnel strive to build and maintain a satisfied customer base through superior quality service with fair dealings based on trust and respect.

Being locally owned we have more flexibility when things aren’t going to plan, we are dedicated to giving the best possible customer service, and we make the renting process as EZY!

Specialising in mining and allied industries

Ezy Vehicle Rentals speciality lays in the supply of high quality mine compliant vehicles to the mining industry, providing many extra features for safety and comfort.

Ezy Vehicle Rentals QLD Mining Vehicles for hire

Contributing to the Mining Industry

At Ezy Vehicle Rentals we strive to bring convenience and comfort to the mining industry. For over 10 years we have been working hard to support mining and allied industries by providing the best vehicles for the job.

Trust Ezy Vehicle Rentals for all your mine spec vehicle hire needs. With locations in Mackay, Emerald, and Moranbah, we’re your local partner in keeping the mining industry moving.

Large range of mine spec utes for hire in Mackay and Moranbah, servicing Central Queensland

Fleet of mine compliant vehicles

Our way of contributing to the efforts of today’s miners is by providing them with our impressive fleet of mine compliant vehicles. Whether you’re in Mackay, Emerald, or Moranbah, we’ve got you covered with convenient rental options designed to make your life easier.

With fully equipped vehicles that range from land cruisers to cabs with four-wheel drive, our vehicles can tow and overcome any terrain.

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Mine Spec Vehicles for hire in Moranbah and Mackay

Safety and comfort come first

Our mine compliant vehicles are ready-to-go and fully fitted with extra features for safety and comfort with peace of mind.

All our vehicles are custom built in-house equipped a specialty custom EZY-built tray, and are regularly maintained by our expert in-house mechanical team, ensuring safety and performance are always at an optimum.

A Valuable Asset
to the Community

Along with our mine-compliant fleet, we also offer retail and commercial vehicles for the general public. If ever in need of a rental vehicle, the cars at Ezy Vehicle Rentals are always available.

We strive for availability and convenience for everyone.

Ezy Vehicle Rentals Mackay and Moranbah provides vehicles for hire to the general public

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